Tolerance Is Bliss – a video poem

Created for the Arena Theater Holiday Talent show 2020! 

We are in this together. Always. One community, under the stars. This poem was written as a tribute to the blessed individuals who enrich my life with their presence, grace, understanding, humor, intelligence and beauty. I wrote it for you!

Featuring in order of appearance, Blake More, Fred Mitouer, Ling-Yen Jones, Abby Stoner, Lisa Hantzsche, Ian Gleason, Don Teutsche, Margaret Grace, Lisa Joakimides, Jon Handel, and Cheryl Mitouer.

The music was composed and performed by Stephen Doughty of Æarthtones. The sounds of nature were field recorded in Florida by Stephen Doughty as well. The original song can be found here: Video editing by Lewis S. Jones.

Tolerance is Bliss

We abide this ledge of cosmos
the micro macro
or macro micro
of ocean roar and redwood

We are a tall order
under remote lens
confronted every day by the sheer beauty of ourselves

fox cries echoing through the wind
a mountain lion darting along the perimeter
hummingbird showering beneath garden sprayer

We are the whales, hawks, bears and deer
the gathering squirrels and naked ladies of day
the owls and howls of night

we shoot like stars
and rest like ravens

We pulse land and water
through our bodies
individually and collectively
we resonate
as we deliver groceries
fix the leak
raise the barn
speed from the hospital

Alone and together
we mirror the whole
weeks of solitude reflected in ocean wave
and cumulative understanding
we are this earth
and this earth is holding us up
even when we gnash our teeth and forget to breathe

The screen inside our mind is not a goal
inhaling is a goal
exhaling its reward
one moment unfolding the way it does
seamless stitches
into this spell of choices

Some call it about time
I call it a circle
no end, no beginning
just one continuous flow
offerings from turquoise sea
stretched out below
inviting, diving
cavernous and calm,
churning tumult, a world away

this inner tending is our green peace self care activism
revealing vast constellations and wild animals inside

we are waking up
walking along the deep steep
juking and dodging the questions
as they insist like rain
into a thirsty mouth

soon we will realize
we are the answers
as we find new ways
to watch, learn, listen, share
touch our double helix
and reclaim it
with our lives

Blake More
© December 2020

The music composed and performed by Stephen Doughty of Æarthtones.